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SOCL Rules of Competition 2016/2017

FIFA Laws of the Game apply with the following modifications:

A. Substitutions

Unlimited substitutions allowed, with the consent of the Referee, on any dead ball.

B. Length of Games

  • Pacific Crest 9v9 - 30 Minute Halves with 10 Minute Half Time
  • Cascade 11v11 - 35 Minute Halves with 10 Minute Half Time
  • High School 9v9 – 30 Minute Halves with 10 Minute Half Time

* No overtime or tie-breaking kicks from the penalty mark during League matches.

C. Ball Size

  • U11-U12 = #4
  • U13-U19 = #5

* Home team shall provide 3 game balls.

D. Field Preparation / Goal Kicks

Home Team is responsible for field preparedness: Mowing, lining, goal & net set-up, and corner flags. All goals, including portable goals, must be securely anchored to the ground. It is further the responsibility of the home team to provide a playing field with at least the following min. dimensions: 50 x 100 yards (11v11) and 40 x 75 yards (U11/U12 9v9).

E. Game Start Time

Teams are expected to play games at the scheduled time and location. Allow a 15 minute grace period before a forfeit is declared. Referees must complete the player/coach credential check-in process (with valid member passes and official rosters) prior to scheduled game time. If an unofficial roster or invalid member pass is accepted by the referee, SOYSC still reserves the right to declare a post-game forfeit. For emergency situations, call the SOCL weekend hotline phone for guidance. Calls can be placed to either Kevin Primerano at 541-301-3681 or Ken Baker at 541-840-4453.

F. Minimum Number of Players/Adults

A team must have at least seven players and one rostered adult to start a match. For 9v9 matches the minimum number of players is 6.

G. Team Sidelines

A Technical Area shall be lined out for each team to include the area 1 yard either side of the team bench and forward to 1 yard from the touch line. Teams must be on one side of the field, spectators on the other side, if space permits. A team consists only of those players, coaches or managers who are on the official roster and have valid member passes. Coaches, players and spectators are not allowed behind the end line for any reason.

H. Officials Report

Coaches should verify with the referee at the games conclusion that their score matches his/her report. All officials must submit written or online game reports to their Referee Association within 48 hours after the match. Upon request, these reports shall be made available within 24 hours. All send offs shall be reported to Kevin Primerano and/or Ken Baker the same day.

I. Cautioned or Sent Off Participants

Yellow Cards (Cautions):

  • Referees will note all cautioned players/coaches in their game report, but will not retain the specific member passes.

Red Cards (Send Offs):

  • Referees will note all players/coaches sent off in their game report, but will not retain and submit with their game report the member passes of any sent off (ejected) player/coach.

    Referees will not show yellow or red cards to coaches, but will inform them clearly in conversation what action is being taken. Any coach that is sent off must leave the premises of the game, and not return, even after the game. If a coach is sent off, the assistant coach or an adult with valid member pass belonging to the team’s club will be appointed. If no one is available, the game will be forfeited


minimum that will apply

  • 2nd caution received in the same game - 1 game
  • Serious foul play - 1 game
  • Violent Conduct = 2 games
  • Foul & Abusive Language = 1 game
  • Referee Abuse = 3 games
  • Referee Assault = 3 months or per USSF policy

  • Additional Suspensions
    • 1 game for refusal to give name to the official.
    • Minimum 2 game suspension for a coach that is dismissed. Should the same coach be dismissed within the same seasonal year, they shall be suspended from coaching in the league for a minimum of 1 year.

K. Sanctions

A team must have at least seven (7) players, or six (6) players for 9v9, and one (1) coach/manager and submit to the referee an official Oregon Youth Soccer Association game roster and valid member passes by the official game start time or the game will be forfeited.

All forfeits will also result in a fine. Fines will range from $25 - $1500 for each infraction. The amount of each fine will depend on the circumstances and severity of the infraction and in all cases will be determined by the League Administrator.

Additional club and/or team sanctions may also be imposed for failure to comply with SOYSC rules and Code of Ethics, US Youth Soccer rules and bylaws, US Youth Soccer policies or procedures, or US Soccer Federation relating to a competition.

Failure to pay fines within 15 days of receipt of the official notice may result in a club or Team being removed from good standing and could affect the club's eligibility to participate in future SOYSC sponsored or sanctioned activities.

No Show Forfeits

Are when a team fails to appear for a scheduled match by the official game start time. A no show is a serious infraction of the rules and fines will be levied accordingly.

Guidelines of fines are the following:

  • Canceling or rescheduling a match with more than 14 days’ notice - $25
  • Canceling or rescheduling a match with 10 - 14 days’ notice and gaining approval of a new match date, field,and time - $35
  • Canceling or rescheduling a match with 4 - 9 days’ notice and gaining approval of a new date, field and time - $50
  • Canceling or rescheduling a match with 2 - 3 days’ notice and gaining approval of a new date, field and time - $150
  • Canceling or rescheduling a game with 0 - 1 days’ notice - $200.00
  • Failing to show for a scheduled match - $400 plus games fees. A written report must also be given by a club representative.
  • Withdrawing from the league after application has been received and schedule has been completed - $250 plus any cancellation, referee, and rescheduling fees incurred.

L. Players Equipment

  1. All players on the field must be attired in matching uniforms (except the goalkeeper) to the satisfaction of the referee. All numbers will appear on the back of the jerseys and all team players must have a different number (except the goalkeeper). The goalkeeper will be attired in an outfit that is different from the opposing keeper, all other players on the field and the referee.
  2. Each team must have alternate color of numbered jerseys. Home team will wear White/Light color, and Away team will wear Dark color. In cases of color similarity, the designated home team (listed first) will change jerseys.
  3. Games are played on artificial and natural turf. All players must be prepared to play on either surface independent of schedule. SOYSC reserves the right to switch the game location due to adverse field conditions or scheduling conflict.
  4. No equipment shall be worn that is dangerous to another player. (Hard and unyielding items [guards, casts, braces, etc.] on the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm or shoulder are illegal unless covered, and must be padded with a closed-cell, slow recovery foam padding no less than 1/2-inch thick. The game official has the final say as to whether or not a cast is properly wrapped and safe for play).
  5. Shin guards, covered by socks, are mandatory in all US Youth Soccer sanctioned games. Players not wearing shin guards will not be allowed to play.
  6. No jewelry is permitted. Taping of jewelry is not permitted. Medical alert and religious bracelets/necklaces are allowed, if taped.

M. Player/Coach Member Passes & Rosters

Each team must submit valid US Youth Soccer current seasonal year Competitive passes (High School 9v9 may use OYSA recreational passes) AND an official US Youth Soccer game roster to the referee prior to each game. For a pass to be valid, it must have photo of the player/coach, club registrar’s signature and be laminated. Valid passes are also mandatory for coaches, asst. coaches and managers, with a limit of 4 per team.

Maximum Game Day Roster size:

  • 18 Players (all age groups)

Any team that plays an ineligible player will forfeit all games in which he/she participates and will face other possible sanctions from SOYSC. Failure to submit valid member passes and/or official game roster prior to the scheduled game time will result in a forfeit. A maximum of 18 players on a U15-U19 player roster will be allowed to play in a given match or allowed to be in uniform in the team’s technical area during a given match. Players not rostered for a game may be in the team’s Technical Area as long as they are not dressed in uniform or appear as if they are ready and able to play.

Guest Players

Guest Players from teams within your own club are allowed. Guest players cannot play down in age. The older team competing in that game determines the age group of a game. Each player’s name and birth date must be added (handwritten) to the team’s official Roster AND his/her member pass presented to the referee.

Guest players from outside clubs are prohibited unless approved by a majority vote of the SOYSC members. If approved, an Exception to Guest Player Rule form, signed by SOCL league Director, must be presented to the referee with valid OYSA pass prior to each game.

Guest Coaches

Guest Coaches are allowed to participate on any team provided they have a valid and current member pass issued from their club. Each guest coach’s name shall be added by hand to the roster and valid member pass presented to the referee. Teams are limited to no more than 4 coaches on the team bench during a game.

N. Responsibilities of Coaches

  1. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her team players, staff and spectators. Failure to control the player/staff/spectator conduct will result in the forfeiture of the game.
  2. Coaching is permitted from the Technical Area by ONE coach at a time. All valid coaches/managers must be on the team’s roster and present valid member passes to the referee prior to the game.
  3. Coaching is understood as giving directions to one’s own team on points of strategy and position. The tone of voice must be informative; no coach is to direct derogatory remarks or gestures to the referee, players or spectators.
  4. The referee may warn or send off a coach if he/she is in violation of any of the rules of competition, including these responsibilities.

O. Scoring Method and Tie-Breakers

Scoring Method:

There are no standings kept in this league, therefore there are no tie-breakers required.

P. Safety

In the interest of everyone’s safety, please observe the following: no one may play if they are bleeding or there is blood on their uniform. The player must leave the field and may be substituted at the coach’s discretion. The uniform must be changed. The player may return to the game after bleeding is stopped and the wound is covered.

No Heading U12 and Below (Pacific Crest)

  1. A player may not use his/her head to play the ball.
  2. The penalty for playing the ball using the head is an indirect free kick at the spot of the infraction. If the infraction is committed by a defending player in the defender’s penalty area, the free kick will be taken from a spot on the penalty area line parallel to the end line that is nearest to the spot of the infraction.
  3. The infraction consists in intentionally playing the ball with the head. If the referee determines that the ball struck a player in the head when the player is not trying to play the ball, the referee should allow play to continue.


A player who demonstrates signs of concussion as a result of an observed or suspected blow to the head or body must leave the field and may not return to play in that match. Referees will include in their match report information about any player required to leave the field because of a suspected concussion. A player who has been removed from a game because of a suspected concussion is ineligible to play until the league administrator has received a copy of a medical release signed by a health care professional that authorizes an unrestricted return to competition.

Q. Protest and Appeals

All game results are final. There are no protests or appeals.

R. Powers of the League Board

The League Board is responsible for all competition rule interpretations. All decisions of the League Board are final.

S. Game Change Protocol

All Game Changes must be arranged via Club Directors of participating teams.


All games rescheduled by teams in the Rogue Valley Referee Area, will be subject to rescheduling fees and games must be rescheduled 2 weeks prior.


Consumption of Alcoholic beverages and any use of Tobacco products are strictly prohibited at all League game sites.

Coaches shall not be under the influence of any illicit drugs or alcohol during any game or SOYSC sanctioned activity.

SOYSC Director Kevin Primerano

SOYSC Administrator Ken Baker


Posted September 20, 2016