Dutch Bros. Soccer Complex


Dutch Bros. Soccer Complex, Josephine County, Grants Pass, OR

Risk # OF
Extreme 1
High 2
Moderate 2
Low 3

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Spectators shall sit on the same half and directly across the field from their team. Spectators from the Home team may not sit on the Visiting team’s half of the field. Spectators shall remain on their half of the field and will not otherwise cross midfield.

Spectators must wear masks or face coverings.

Spectators shall maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between each other.

Teams, coaches and spectators must leave the facility immediately following the completion of the game to facilitate the arrival of the next game’s participants and spectators. Please don’t gather at the field or in the parking lot.

926 Redwood Ave,Grants Pass, OR 97527

Parking is offered at GP Downs Grandstand or Josephine County Fairgrounds.

Please avoid parking at the YMCA whenever possible. Enter the fields through the tunnel entrance behind the YMCA.